Welcome to my blog –  FTMinTransit!

Hi, my name is Wolf, and I am The Traveling Transguy. This is a blog dedicated to sharing my travel adventures, as well as documenting my gender transition milestones.

I’m on a world travel adventure, hoping to see and experience as much of it as I can.

Being a solo, transgender traveler will pose some unique challenges along the way, but that’s all part of the experience of life.

I hope that by sharing my travel experiences and lessons learned, it might help anyone else (Cis-gender or Trans) who also has a dream of traveling. So that they can see whether they want to travel for a holiday, for a gap year, or indefinitely, almost any challenge can be overcome.

On my blog, along with my travel stories, you will also find posts where I share some of my tales of transition and transition milestones, so that I might help make it easier for anyone else who is about to follow the same path.

Additionally, I try to make my posts informative, for any Cis-gendered people who wish to gain insight on what life can be like for a transgender person – surgeries, hormones, legalities, and relationships etc.

Please join me on my journey, and best of luck with your own, whatever that may be.

Wolf x


‘Fortune favors the bold’ – Terence